Installing Fedora 17 PV Domain-U on Xen with PXE Booting

An introduction to the general method of installing Domain-U on Xen is introduced here: Setting Up Stable Xen DomU with Fedora: Unmodified Fedora 12 on top of Xenified Fedora 12 Dom0 with Xen (this is a general introduction, some details are changed, such as ‘xl’ replacing ‘xm’, LVM backing the disk for higher performance. But the general process is the same). When installing Fedora 17 Domain-U, I find some new problems which is not covered. This post lists the differences.

The PXE booting images for Fedora 17 can be downloaded from the site:

The configuration file for Domain-U to install Fedora 17 is as follows.

disk=['phy:/dev/vg_xen/vm-,xvda,w' ]
extra="root=live: ip= nameserver="

Note the parts in bold fonts. This is related a bug as discussed here: .

The ‘extra’ options depends on the environment. For more details about the Anaconda boot options, please find it here: .

Check more about Xen on Linux in Xen solution.

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  2. Alternative src for the pxeboot images:

    For the squashfs.img:
    1. You can get the configuration for a working VM by deleting the ‘kernel’, ‘ramdisk’ and ‘extra’ from the configuration in the post.

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