NET Core 2.1 Release: Feature To Expect in 2018

NET Core 2.1 Release: Feature To Expect in 2018

What surprises are awaiting the tech world with .NET Core 2.1 Release in 2018?

Technology is one of the most dynamic spheres these days. Every single year you will find a new version of an existing software and .NET Core is not an exception. The intentions of these upgradation is to make online activities seamless, daily work hassle free and to bring the world within our easy reach. Before we speak about the new features of .NET Core 2.1, let us checkout few facts about this software.

What is .NET Core?

So, before .NET Core 2.1 Release, which are the versions of .NET Core available in the market? Microsoft came up with the concept of .NET in early 1990s. The most attractive aspect of this software was it has an enormous knowledge which permits .net developers to write applications in any language, Visual Basics, C#, C++ to name a few.

  • .NET Core 1.0.4
  • .NET Core 1.1
  • .NET Core SDK 1.0.1

How is .NET Core 2.1 Better?

It is believed that .NET Core 2.1 is supposed to bring some breakthrough changes in the web framework. The major changes which can be expected with the launch of .NET Core 2.1 are

1. Return of AppDomains-

This was one of the most popular introduction from Microsoft in the OS and Runtime environments. Usually Operating Systems (OS) and Runtime environments provide an isolation between applications. AppDomains provide security, reliability, for versioning and for unloading assemblies.

2. Increase in API Ports-

.NET Core 2.1 is supposed to have more API ports as this is a mandate for inclusion of AppDomains. NET Core 2.1 is going to introduce flexible API ports which will consist of integral values. The values can be set to any available port on the server. Users can edit the properties of API port settings. Just restart the server after saving the file with new values and the update is ready for use.

  • It is believed that to add new API port settings the following conditions need to be fulfilled.
  • Must be an integer value.
  • The value can be set to any available port on the server.
  • If using a non-SSL connection, the client must specify the API for connection.

3. Improved Across Systems support-

The 2.1.0 milestone on github of corefx shows quite some bugfixes tagged for os-linux and os-mac-os-x-10.13. We can expect better across systems support in .NET Core 2.1 than .NET Core 2.0.

4. Complete .Net Network-

NET Core 2.1 will be a complete package of all mandate elements. The Microsoft .Network Framework redistributable package will have all the runtime and associated files which can be used to operate applications with high end speed.

This will be a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications and hence would be more secure, seamless and transparent to users.

5. Operate Along With Other Versions-

.NET Core 2.1 can be used along with earlier versions of the framework. NET Standard 2.1 will bring users closer to a full .Net version. Users can get a private environment by creating a ticket in the dot net / core repository along with the roadmap level.

6. Addition of Missing Features-

Users has some complaints regarding .NET Core 2.0, like missing loading, grouping translation and support for ambient transactions. Along with the addition of these features, .NET Core 2.1 Release will also address two new databases, namely, Cosmos DB (Azure-based, non-relational) and Oracle.

.NET Core 2.1 may also include Group By. This will help in translation of LINQ GroupBy queries to SQL. This is actually an innovation as EF Core still does not support projection to unmapped classes.

7. Better Transactions-

.NET Core 2.1 will bring improved scope of transaction to users in 2018. Microsoft has developed TransactionScope which can now even enable distributed transactions transparently if needed.

When is the Release?

Already excited about .NET Core 2.1 Release? Now it is just a wait for few months; .NET Core 2.1 will be available to users from the first quarter of 2018. This means taking the usual course, the pre-release versions of this software will be available by end of the year.

So there is no doubt about the fact that .NET Core 2.1 is lot cooler than its previous versions; from new additions to addressing user complaints regarding previous versions, Microsoft has left no stone unturned to make .NET Core more appealing to geeks and general users.


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  1. the 3rd point is misleading (wrong actually), please update it.
    .NET Core was cross-platform framework since it was born in version 1.0

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