encfs on CentOS 6 can't mount as normal user

On CentOS 7, using a normal user, encfs works just well.

On CentOS 6, using the root user, encfs works.

However, the problem is, on CentOS 6, using a normal user account, encfs does not work as on CentOS 7.

$ encfs -s ~/t/.enc ~/t/enc
EncFS Password: 
fuse: failed to exec fusermount: Permission denied
fuse failed.  Common problems:
 - fuse kernel module not installed (modprobe fuse)
 - invalid options -- see usage message

As the root user can mount encfs directory, the needed tools/modules should already be there.

What's the reason and how to fix it?

asked Nov 24, 2016 by anonymous

1 Answer

On CentOS 6 (and some old systems too), to make a user be able to use FUSE which is used by encfs, you need to add the user to the "fuse" group.

For example, to make user user1 to use encfs, you can do

# usermod -G fuse user1
answered Dec 6, 2016 by Eric Z Ma (44,280 points)
How to install encfs on CentOS 6? asked Dec 19, 2016 by anonymous

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