Jailbreaking Apple iPod Touch with Spirit in Linux

How to jailbreak Apple iPod touch in Linux will be introduced in this article. We use Spirit to jailbreak iPod touch. Spirit[1] is an untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch on certain firmware versions. Please read [1] for requirement when using Spirit. Currently, the version of iTunes used should be iTune 9 earlier than 9.2. The firmware’s version should be 3.1.2, 3.1.3 or 3.2. » Read more

Speeding Up Firefox in Linux

Firefox can be much faster on Linux! Let’s speed up Firefox on Linux system. Part 1 and 2 only config firefox, so it can also be used on other platform such as Windows. 1. Pipe-lining network connection Most of us use a broad band width network, then why not pip line the connection from Firefox? Type “about:config” into the address line and enter. » Read more

How to Set Up Password-less SSH Login on Linux

Automatic passwrod-less ssh login can make our life easier. To enable this, we have 2 options: using key-based authentication by copying our SSH public keys to the remote machines for automatic password-less login or using password-based authentication. I will introduce the 2 options in the post. Before you start, please note that key-based authentication is generally suggested when your working environment allows. » Read more

The WordPress Desktop Client – lekhonee

I find a desktop client for publishing to WordPress blogs – lekhonee[1]. I find it interesting and easy to use. This is the first post using it. The interface is simple, but it can provides most of the functions: * Writing post. * Select categories. * Add tags. * Load and Edit the old post. And it can provides the convenient “Spell Check” function. » Read more

Minimizes Thunderbird Windows into the System Tray

I usually keep Thunderbird open when my computer is open. But Thunderbird is minimized to the taskbar. It will be more convenient if it is minimized or closed to the system tray as an icon.It will be better if it can display the number of unread messages. Mozilla’s software’s addon system give the method to add more feature to the software by only installing some addons to it. » Read more