How to Change MediaWiki’s Main Page Title and URL

MediaWiki set’s the default page (the homepage) to the “Main Page” by default. The name “Main Page” is too general and does not give more meanings. Usually for a specific site, we may change it to some meaningful name and URL. This is a configurable in MediaWiki. This tutorial introduces how to change MediaWiki’s Main Page Title and URL.

===Edit the MediaWiki:Mainpage===

Edit the MediaWiki:Mainpage page which contains the title of the main page for MediaWiki.

For example, the content of the page is as follows by default.

Main Page

We want to change it to “Fclose Wiki” and just change the page’s content to

Fclose Wiki

and save it.

===Move the Main Page to the new one===

We have set the main page, the next step is to move the old “Main Page” to the new page (“Fclose Wiki” in this example).

To move the Main Page, log in as an Administrator and click the “Move” in the tool menu in the “Main Page”. Rename it to the name you want (“Fclose Wiki”).

If you have already created the new main page, you can simply just delete the old “Main Page”.

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