Starting Page Number from the Second Page in MS Word

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For document, we may use the first page as the title page. Then the page number 1 should start from the second page. In this post, we will look at how to make MS Word count the page number from the second page. That is, making word treat the second page as page number 1.

First, double click the page number and the “Header & Footer” tool bar will appear. We can format the page number using the tools in this tool bar.

Make first page different

In the Options, select “Different First Page“. This will make the format different for the first page’s page header/footer including the page number.

Format the page number

In the “Header & Footer” section, click the “Page Number” tool and click the “Format Page Numbers” entry of the pop up menu, to open the “Page Number Format” option dialog.

Make page number start from 0

This real trick happends here. We make the page number start from 0. That is, the first page’s page number is 0 and then the second page’s page number will be 1. The first page’s page number is not shown.

Hence, the page number “begins” from the second page and the second page’s page number is 1.

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