How to disable the coredump function of systemd on Linux?

I do not want to have coredump for the developing machine using systemd on Linux? How to disable the coredump function of systemd?

You can disable coredump function of systemd by adding this line




For your reference:

       Controls where to store cores. One of "none", "external",
       "journal", and "both". When "none", the coredumps will be
       logged but not stored permanently. When "external" (the
       default), cores will be stored in
       /var/lib/systemd/coredump. When "journal", cores will be
       stored in the journal and rotated following normal
       journal rotation patterns. When "both", cores will be
       stored in both locations.

       When cores are stored in the journal, they might be
       compressed following journal compression settings, see
       journald.conf(5). When cores are stored externally, they
       will be compressed by default, see below.

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