Printing Comments in Page Margins in LibreOffice

“Comments” and “tracking changes” are nice features of the opensource LibreOffice software (and other Office software) to add comments and track changes in documents. OpenDocument ODT and MS Word DOCX/DOC file formats all support comments and change trackings. When we print the documents, how to print the comments in the page margins too in LibreOffice?

To print comments in the page margins when we would print the document out in LibreOffice, in the Print dialog, choose the LibreOffice Writer tab, and select Place in margins for the Comments field. One screenshot is as follows.

Then send the document to the printer or print it as PDF. We have the comments in the page margins.

This method is tested in LibreOffice shipped within Ubuntu 20.04’s office software package repository.

One comment:

  1. When comments go larger than the comment window (drop-down on screen), Is there any way to print them with the entire note printing legibly?

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