Changing iPhone Holiday Calendar to Your Local One

I usually use iPhone in the English language. However, I find the iPhone calendar app includes a US holiday calendar subscribed while I am not in US and displaying US holidays in the iPhone calendar is no use and kind of annoying to me. holiday-calendar-iphone-us.png After some investigation, I find the way to set the iPhone holiday calendar to the local or specific one. » Read more

Playing YouTube Video in Background on iPhone

This post introduces how to play YouTube video in background on your iPhone. With this tip, you will need not to keep the YouTube app opening all the time. So you can use other apps on iPhone while listening to the music or talk or others from YouTube. This tip should also work on other iOS devices such as iPad. To make YouTube videos play in background, you need to open YouTube in the browser instead of the YouTube app. » Read more

OpenVPN + Ovpn Spider: Free VPNs for iPhone Users

VPNs are useful for testing viewing webpages from a remote location or visiting blocked websites. In this post, I will introduce a method for finding and using free VPNs on iPhone. Note that the VPNs are free and the providers are not identified. Hence, only use this method for visiting public webpages or keeping visiting https sites. If security or privacy are important concerns, find a reliable VPN service or set up your own. » Read more

Rotating Videos from iPhone on Linux

iPhone is nice to take videos. However, one headache is the video may be rotated by 90 degree if you play it with non-Apple software such as MPlayer on Linux or Windows. This tutorial will introduce how to rotate the video taken from iPhone or other sources on Linux by 90 degree. The tool we choose to use is ffmpeg which can rotate video with video filters. » Read more

Locking iPhone Screen Rotation

iPhone’s automatic screen rotation is convenient. However, it is annoying under some situation, such as reading email in the bed. Fortunately, starting from iOS 4/iOS 5, iOS has an option to lock the screen rotation. A screenshot on iPhone (which worths a thousands words): For iOS 7 and iOS 8 ∞ iphone-rotation.png For older versions of iOS ∞ It is a little tricky to find it out on older version of iOS. » Read more

Wireless, 3G and 2G Network Speed

I get wireless, 3G and 2G network connection via my iPhone. I tested the network speed of a wireless, 3G and 2G network possible from my iPhone using the App from OFCA. Wifi of sMobileNet network in HKUST: 25604 kbps: wifi-network-speed 3G network from a carrier in Hong Kong: 2776 kbps: 3g-network-speed 2G network from a carrier in Hong Kong: 169 kbps: 2g-network-speed If we consider the speed of 2G network as 1X. » Read more

Converting Video Files for iPod/iPhone/iPad

We usually have video files in .wmv .mpg .rmvb or .mkv formats. The iPod, iPhone or iPad only accept a limited number of video file types, such as .mov and .mp4. To play these video files in .wmv .mpg or .rmvb format, we should first convert them to .mov or .mp4 files that can played by iTune or other video players on these Apple devices that use the same codec engine. » Read more