how to use pc internet of window8 on iphone 4s via usb

how to use pc internet on iPhone 4s wia usb cable, pc is of window 8 and in network setting its not showing of connection of I phones network I ever wrote a tutorial at . But please be aware that it worked only on specific OS combinations. So, I am not sure whether […]

How to make Chrome on iPhone (iOS) accept self assigned ssl keys fir websites?

This tutorial introduces how to make Chrome accept self assigned ssl keys for websites: However, on iPhone, Chrome blocks me from access sites with self assigned keys. How to make Chrome on iPhone also accept the ssl keys? At the time when I wrote this reply, there is no way to add Certificate Authorities […]

How to un-trust a computer that I have trusted with iOS 7 device?

How to un-trust a computer that I have trusted with iOS 7 device, such as iPhone? You can delete the Lockdown folder to reset the trust/un-trust status of iPhones. Apple provides tutorials for Max OS X and Windows at: (archived) . If you are using Linux, the Lockdown folder is: /var/lib/lockdown Answered by Lucy.

Call Forwarding for iPhone: How to Set up or Disable Call Forwarding in iOS

Call forwarding is useful if you are expected to be unavailable for receiving calls or lose cell phone coverage for some time. Call forwarding is not something that is "new" to modern phones. It is a feature which is invented in 1960s (the patent expired in 1980) of some telephone switching systems. But with iPhone/iOS, […]

Free VPNs for iPhone Users: OpenVPN + Ovpn Spider

VPNs are useful for testing viewing webpages from a remote location or visiting blocked websites. In this post, I will introduce a method for finding and using free VPNs on iPhone. Note that the VPNs are free and the providers are not identified. Hence, only use this method for visiting public webpages or keeping visiting […]

iPhone Connecting to Internet Using Windows PC’s Network through USB Cable

Note that this was only tested on certain combinations like this (Windows 7 with iOS 8), this (Windows 7 with iOS 7), this and this (Windows 7 with iOS 9.3.2 (iphone 6s)). Windows 7 seems a possible Windows OS that can work. Recently, I tested it on Windows 8 and iOS 9. Unfortunately, it did […]