What Are the Secrets Behind Google’s Success Story?

Google has created an image that tells us its core values are centered around innovation. There are very few companies that can boast a similar level of influence as Google. Nevertheless, we should not only focus on Google’s achievements today but also learn from their journey to the top. We can break down Google’s core habits that have helped them reach mainstream status and learn how to apply them to our own businesses.

According to Google, Innovation is Essential

Although Google houses some of the most brilliant minds in the world, they don’t shy away from learning and borrowing new ideas from external sources. They have accepted that they won’t achieve their goals if they limit their search for innovative ideas to their in-house brainstorming department. Instead, the tech giant has developed a curious nature that allows them to search and outsource ideas and combine them with their technical know-how for more effective results.

According to TechJury’s infographic on Google’s exploits, the search for innovative ideas has led Google to acquire over 216 companies in 22 countries. In addition, Google has mastered the art of remodeling old ideas with new technologies to bypass factors that had once limited their success.

Google Puts Zero Constraint on Creativity

Innovation has a simple rule, which mandates that creativity is an essential part of the process. A company that requires its employees to follow strict models in their search for innovation puts limitations on their creativity. 

Google knows this and has therefore nurtured creativity-enabling traditions that create an environment perfect for the propagation of ingenuity. One of these is the “no jerk policy,” which allows its employees to express their ideas, no matter how absurd they might be. As expected, this has resulted in the explosion of fresh ideas that continue to put Google on the map.

Google Seeks Ideas That Have Depth

It’s clear that the ideas which have become billion-dollar projects typically have one or two interesting stories behind them. Google is a sucker for inspiration-backed ideas, and they throw all of their weight behind these projects. When money and profit are the only motivation for ideas, chances are that they won’t bring forth monumental results. 

On the other hand, solution-oriented ideas are the ones that end up having global effects. It’s okay to solve a problem first and worry about monetizing from it later. A great example of this is Google’s search engine, which helped us search queries for years but didn’t become a huge money-maker until later when Google introduced Google Adwords.

They Celebrate Failure

Google has realized that failure is inevitable when searching for innovation and they do everything they can to celebrate it. People tend to move on, and learn from their mistakes when they accept their shortcomings and share them with others. This is one of the core values upheld by Google, and they make sure to encourage these processes before discarding a failed project. As such, it helps their employees reference past mistakes when taking on new projects.

The Bottom Line

Google didn’t ride on luck on its way to the top. Instead, they created an ecosystem that would guarantee the continuous generation of innovative ideas.  


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