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  • Posted on Monday December 05, 2016
    Abstract As is known, CFS (Completely Fair Scheduling) is a famous process scheduling algorithm in Linux Kernel but there is no convenient way for developers to get the timeslices of processes if CFS is chosen. In this article, I will introduce one way to hack the timeslices of process easily for CFS in Linux Kernel. […] Related posts: How sched_min_granularity_ns and sched_latency_ns in CFS affect the timeslice of processes How sched_setaffinity works inside of Linux Kernel A posix_spawn Example in C to Create Child Process on Linux How migration thread works inside of Linux KernelContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday December 03, 2016
    Solution is very important part of Dynamics CRM. In order to deploy your customization, solution is the only bridge which help you to achieve your goal. There are two types of solutions available in CRM: Managed and Unmanaged. Managed Solutions: This is the solutions that you can import and publish only. You neither export it nor you can […] Related posts: How to Convert JPG Images to EPS Convert string to int and Reverse in C and C++ A Free Personal WordPress Blog Solution WordPress MU: Changing Domain NamesContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Thursday December 01, 2016
    Abstract Currently, the most famous process scheduling algorithm in Linux Kernel is Completely Fair Scheduling (CFS) algorithm. The core idea of CFS is to let each process share the same proportional CPU resources to run so that it is fair to each process. In this article, I will introduce how sched_min_granularity_ns and sched_latency_ns work internal […] Related posts: How sched_setaffinity works inside of Linux Kernel How migration thread works inside of Linux Kernel How to Get System Uptime on Linux and Windows OSes How to Run a cron Job Every Two Weeks / Months / DaysContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Friday November 25, 2016
    In this post, asp.net development India based professionals will explain the best way to manage the Restful service using AngularJS. They are explaining the push and pull functionality available in Rest service in simple steps. Read the article to know more. In this Post I am going explain how we can manage the Restful service […] Related posts: Parameterised AngularJS Routing in Asp.net MVC using $routeProvider Microsofts Cosmos Service Data Consistency Models of Public Cloud Storage Services: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Windows Azure Storage Big Data Benchmark from AMPLab of UC BerkeleyContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday November 19, 2016
    Abstract In computer systems, resources have to be balanced so that the performance will be better based on the same hardware. In Linux Kernel system, we will see some migration kernel threads running as daemons to do this kind of jobs as follows. In this article, we will discuss how Linux Kernel balances its hardware/software […] Related posts: How sched_setaffinity works inside of Linux Kernel Lazy Linux Admins Going to Server Rooms Less: Forced Reboot, Auto Reboot after Kernel Panic and Email Notification after Reboot Compiling 2.6.29 Kernel Module for VMware Workstation 6.5.2 or VMware Player 2.5.2 Setting Up Xen Dom0 on Fedora : Xen 3.4.1 with Linux Kernel 2.6.29 on Fedora 12Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Wednesday November 09, 2016
    Abstract Sometimes, we may want to migrate one process/thread to one specific CPU for some specific purpose. In the Unix/Linux systems, you may choose sched_setaffinity to finish this job. This article will help you to understand how sched_setaffinity (or other APIs like pthread_setaffinity_np in user-space) works internal Linux kernel. Details -- sched_setaffinity(pid_t pid, const struct […] Related posts: A posix_spawn Example in C to Create Child Process on Linux Lazy Linux Admins Going to Server Rooms Less: Forced Reboot, Auto Reboot after Kernel Panic and Email Notification after Reboot Compiling 2.6.29 Kernel Module for VMware Workstation 6.5.2 or VMware Player 2.5.2 Setting up Stable Xen Dom0 with Fedora: Xen 3.4.3 with Xenified Linux Kernel in Fedora 12Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday October 22, 2016
    Gnome Shell has a clean design. But many users want to get more from the desktop environment. Gnome 3’s extension system can help users customize the Gnome Shell’s look greatly. In this post, we summarize 6 extensions we considered essential to make Gnome Shell great. AlternateTab Make Alt-Tab “classic” instead of grouping windows by application. […] Related posts: How To Enable GNOME Classic Mode in Fedora Customizing Fonts in Gnome 3 Two Gnome Easter Eggs: “free the fish” and “gegls from outer space” Gnome2 Style: Shiki Colors+Gnome ColorsContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Sunday October 16, 2016
    Since version 7, RHEL has only x86-64 version. The same for CentOS 7. In CentOS 7/EPEL, there is only package for Wine x86-64. However, many Windows .exe files are 32-bit. Even there are 64-bit versions for some software, their installation file is 32-bit. And for some certain software such as Office 2007, 32-bit wine is […] Related posts: How to Install MS Office 2007 on Linux using Wine Installing ns-2 and ns-3 on Fedora Linux How to Install MPlayer and MEncoder on Fedora Installing Specific Old Versions of Packages in YumContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday October 15, 2016
    CentOS is a super solid Linux distro. However, its default repository’s packages are limited compared to Fedora. Even Fedora needs some additional repositories to have software packages for daily usage, such as MPlayer, ffmpeg. Fortunately, some community maintained repositories provides these software. In this post, we introduce theses additional common repositories and how to install […] Related posts: Additional Repositories for Fedora Linux Yum Using DVD as Package Repository Installing the Flash Plugin for 64-bit Firefox in Linux x86-64 How to Install ATI fglrx Driver on Fedora LinuxContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday September 17, 2016
    Many Linux distros, such as RHEL/CentOS 7, Fedora, Ubuntu 16, are now using systemd instead of init as the init system. It is common for Linux users to set Linux to boot to “GUI” or “Text” mode. The old way of changing ‘/etc/inittab’ for choosing Linux runlevels is not working for sytemd. This post will […] Related posts: Changing Systemd Runlevel on Fedora Linux – The Manual Way How to Change Linux Account Password Through SSH: A Beginners’ Tutorial How to Set the Static IP Address Using CLI in Fedora/CentOS Linux Setting MATE as Default Desktop Environment for startx on FedoraContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Friday August 19, 2016
    In this post, asp.net development India based professionals will brief you about the interesting feature of AngularJS, that I Routing. You will learn the method to split the single page into multiple views. For more info, read the article. In this article we are going to see one of the most useful feature of AngularJS […] Related posts: Controlling Display of WordPress Widget with PHP Code Speed Up Firefox DNS Lookup Friendly WordPress Navigation Using Page Numbers Instead of Next and Previous Links Use Excerpt in Index, Category, Tag and Arhieve Pages for WordPressContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Tuesday August 16, 2016
    In this post, java development India based experts will explain the concept of Quartz. You will also learn the method of setting up the Quartz in this article. You can ask experts if anything bothers you. Table of Contents [hide] 1 Technology 2 Some of the Features of Quartz 3 Quartz setup 4 Key classes […] Related posts: Java Calling Native Functions in .DLL on Windows Start a Job and Return to the Shell : Run a Backgroud Job Catching the Signal Sent by Kill in C on Linux Generating Mixed Source and Assembly List using GCCContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Sunday August 07, 2016
    People are sometimes given access to Linux/Unix and asked to change their initial passwords. But for beginners, changing a Linux/Unix password is not an easy task, especially when there is only SSH log on allowed to the Linux/Unix server. This post introduces how to change password of user USER on host HOST remotely using SSH. […] Related posts: How to Change Linux User’s Password in One Command Line How to Set Up Password-less SSH Login on Linux How to SSH to Linux Hosts for Beginners How to Keep Linux SSH Session Alive from Disconnecting – Server and Client Side FixesContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday May 21, 2016
    Linux may report “device is busy” when we try to umount a filesystem. This behavior is reasonable as it can help us avoid data loss by disallowing unmouting a filesystem when it is being used. But for situations when we are sure there is something wrong happened or we care not data lost such as […] Related posts: Controlling Filesystem Mounting on Linux by Playing with /etc/fstab How to Create ISO Image from DVD Disk on Linux Shrinking an Ext4 File System on LVM in Linux How to Get Available Filesystem Space on Linux: a C Function with a C++ ExampleContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday May 14, 2016
    Attaching a USB keyboard to a laptop is common when using a laptop because a normal keyboard may provide a more convenient typing experience. The laptop keyboard is not used in these situations. However, the laptop keyboard may still be touched by accident. In this post, we will discuss how to disable and enable the […] Related posts: Automatic Keyboard Presser on Linux Git Submodule Cheat Sheet Git through SSH Tunnel as Proxy Disable IPv6 on LinuxContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday May 07, 2016
    Junk Emails, or Email spams, are annoying and they cost time to deal with. While they are something we need to cope with, we can use tools to help us. Thunderbird has an adaptive junk filter that can learn from user’s actions to identify junk messages. I find that Thunderbird default settings are not fully […] Related posts: How to Make Thunderbird Not Wrap Long Lines Automatically Thunderbird Tips: Default Descending Email Sort Order and Inline Quote When Reply How to Configure Outlook-style Email Reply Header in Thunderbird Minimizes Thunderbird Windows into the System TrayContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday February 13, 2016
    Bash script may need to get its own path. In normal Bash script, $0 is the path to the script. However, when a script is sourced, such as . a.sh, a.sh‘s $0 does not give a.sh while the caller’s name. How to reliably get a bash script’s own path no matter whether the Bash script […] Related posts: Floating Point in Bash Shell PHP Photo Gallery Scripts Requiring No Database Setting Default Entry in Grub2 and Grub Running a Command Upon Files or Directories Changes on LinuxContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday January 30, 2016
    How to set the static IP address for CentOS 7/Fedora 22+ is introduced in this post. Here, we assume the Linux is using NetworkManager to manage the network. All steps are done as root. Find the interface you want to set the address Command ifconfig -a lists all interfaces. Find the interface name to set, […] Related posts: Installing Xen on Fedora 20 as Domain-0 Installing Xen on Fedora as Domain-0 (Fedora 17) Changing Hostname of Fedora Linux Creating Fedora 20 Domain-U on Fedora 20 Domain-0Continue Reading »
  • Posted on Sunday January 03, 2016
    It is common to execute commands on many nodes/hosts via SSH for managing a cluster of Linux servers. On Linux, there are many choices for this task. Generally, to run commands on many nodes, there are two modes: serial mode and parallel mode. In serial mode, the command is executed on the node one by […] Related posts: Git through SSH Tunnel as Proxy Notes for Beginners of Software Development on Linux How to Change Linux Account Password Through SSH: A Beginners’ Tutorial Howto: Git Server over SSHContinue Reading »
  • Posted on Saturday December 12, 2015
    In Firefox on Linux Mint, Google is not in the default list of search engines. Linux Mint has its criteria for adding search engines while Google seems not in those suggested by Linux Mint because “Amongst commercial search engines, only the ones which share with Linux Mint the revenue Linux Mint users generate for them […] Related posts: Use noindex Meta Tag in WordPress to Prevent Search Engine Indexing Categories, Tags and Archives Search Engine Friendly URL for MediaWiki Essential Firefox Add-ons to Make Firefox Better Installing and Configuring 32-bit Firefox on 64-bit Linux (Fedora)Continue Reading »

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